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Wired magazine and I
by TheEtruscan at 12:48 July 11, 2014

Years ago when computers were IBM mainframes, ComputerWorld was the go-to magazine.

I was in awe of all those articles extolling this or that wonderful new trend or project. I felt so inadequate, backward and unenlightened. But yet all of those articles were like half-baked: there was no complete answer or satisfaction there just hype. Eventually I felt the only wise thing to do was to ignore and quit reading ComputerWorld and tackle whatever came my way as a programmer.

It was a liberation of sort. In due time, IBM mainframes became eclipsed in the main stream by PCs.

And now that scenario is playing once again: all of those articles raving about this or that fantastic electronic gadget or the latest cool app.

I read Wired magazine for the extreme pleasure of knowing that I am indifferent to most of the stuff in it: virtual reality or video games I wouldn't even know where to start. The same goes for TV shows. Currently I don't even have a TV provider...

I have no taste or desire for iPads, tablets, iPhones or any smart phones. A phone should be a phone and a computer should be a computer.

I have a Motorola Razr as my cellular phone, an Acer notebook with Windows 8.1, an eMachine desktop with Windows 7 and an Acer laptop with Windows 7. More than enough to satisfy my programming and web surfing needs.

I have my own web browser that I can use so as not to be overwhelmed by Google ads, videos, javascripts, etc.. in order to get to the relevant data.

I have also no need for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr and/or any other web devilry. What I have are four web sites of my own done on a shoestring (,, and but my heart is in coding. Thanks goodness for the Java programming language (and that it is free).

I can code and roll out any utility or routine that pops in my head as a need: why be a user when I can be a doer?

Am I the only one?