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Self promotion!
by TheEtruscan at 10:04 December 23, 2013

A Mission Statement?  Why am I doing this?  Self promotion!

More of this in Si-Si Blog articles on Google and Co. but a few metaphors: TarchonTec, a software boutique, Si-Si Blog, the opinion forum and muralVox, the public square: these web applications are barebone and minimalist to demystify with their simplicity the halo of greatness surrounding the biggies. My free to all equivalent web applications: myCart, myBlog and myCorner can be downloaded and used as starting points to prove that anyone can have a web site. Bells and whistles can be added as popularity increases and staff added.   I too have a better algorithm for a search engine...

Each of these web applications is 2,000 lines or less of code and could launch billion dollar businesses.

TarchonTec encourages everyone to self-promote in this site.   Self promotions are welcome!!!!