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Non Disclosure Agreement
by TheEtruscan at 15:19 March 25, 1997


We the undersigned, agree to receive in confidence full details about an idea for a new service offering as submitted by Tarchon The Etruscan.

It is further understood that we assume no responsibility whatsoever with respect to features which can be demonstrated to be already known to us.

We also agree not to divulge any details of the idea submitted without permission of Tarchon The Etruscan or to make use of any feature or information of which Tarchon The Etruscan is the originator without payment of compensation, to be fixed by negotiation with Tarchon The Etruscan or his lawful representative.

It is specifically understood that, in receiving the idea of Tarchon The Etruscan it will be reviewed in confidence, and within a 30 day period we will report to Tarchon The Etruscan the results of our findings and will advise whether or not we are interested in negotiating for the purchase of the rights to use said idea.

Tarchon The Etruscan

P.S. Substitute "Tarchon The Etruscan" with your name if you are going to use this form.